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Soap Box Derby

All suggestions, viewpoints, concerns and complaints presented will be posted here.

Committee chat will be scheduled for mid-to late-August. All will be invited to attend and notification will be posted here and on the board of the Sasebonians! Keep watching!

Chat Chatter

How do they choose a new Pope?
(answer below)

The Answer:

The Pope is chosen by the College of Cardinals, the members of which meet, pray, deliberate and vote in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Their conclave is all work and noplay. By tradition the Cardinals are isolated from the outside world and swear an oath of secrecy because in the Middle Ages secular rulers tried to influence their deliberations. Their living accommodations and even their food are kept plain because a conclave centuries ago turned boisterous.

The winning candidate must receive one more than a two-thirds majority. When a vote does not produce a clear choice, the ballots are burned with a chemical that produces black smoke. The ballots that finally produce a Pope are burned to produce a white smoke. Isn't that charming! In the age of the Internet, the results of the world's most important election are conveyed to the outside world by smoke signals.

(Source: HOW DO THEY DO THAT? by Caroline Sutton)

Here are some comments I have received by email.

Hi Cindy,

Here's my vote in regards to the Reunion:

As for the date- "flexible"
Location and activity pref.- "undecided"
Lodging pref.-"undecided"

Please know that I "do" want to attend this reunion, but as far as the activities are concerned, I'd like to see something more "simple and more layed back" rather than a dance with a DJ. My interests are more towards being able to mingle around with everyone without having the distractions of loud music and all. Just my opinion- not trying to speak for everyone else. Thanks for listening.

Terri Dalerio

Hi Cindy,

Boy, you sure are doing a great job!! I've been digging through some old photos , and I ran across a '73 and a '75 group Kahok pictures. Will this be something that you might want to post on your "History Of The Kahoks" section? If you like to, I can send them to you. Just e-mail me your address. ( There's also a few Kahok action photos I can enclose ,too)

I've read your comments on the Sasebonians site and on your editorial. I am outside of the email loop, so I am surprised of the tension and the dissension among some of us. It looks as if we may end up having a very informal, unstructured gathering.

Keep up the good work Cindy!! You are definitely a rational voice in this chaotic situation. I have a feeling that everything's going to turn out great!!

Cindy, did we take a speech class together with Ms Polsinelli, or is my memory playing tricks on me?



Cindy --

Cyndie (Chaffin) Curry here. Just to let you know that I think your web site is GREAT. I haven't been very active on the club site, but I got the email from Fred saying it is time to VOTE for the reunion. Guess it is a voting year all over.
I haven't been in the San Diego area for such a long time, but I am pretty flexible on everything . . . dates, places to stay, music, eats . . .etc . . .
I think the reunion will be a wonderful time. Look forward to seeing everyone.

Take Care.

Cindy, Sorry to get my 2 cents in late, however, I am flexible on both the date and location. My preference would be to have it when and where we could get the most number of people to attend. I will probably be attending by myself. Rick

Travel Agency Assistance

It seems to me you all are going to be mad at each other before you even get to your reunion. I'm probably not going to be going. I do have a suggestion though. I work for a travel agency as a receptionist. Discount Travel is the name. They TRY to get the lowest possible fares and packages they can. I don't know everything they do because I'm not an agent. The number is (904)641-4444. The e-mail address is This e-mail comes directly to me and the afternoon receptionist then we forward it to the agent who is best able to deal with it. If you are interested you can e-mail all the details and the agent can work on it and e-mail you or call you back. There is a minimum $15 processing fee, the agent will let you know how much. Even with the fee they've made alot of people happy. If you call we will just get your name and number and have an agent call you back. I work mornings and Julie works afternoons. I hope I've been able to help and maybe defuse some of the tension I sense.
Susan (detective38)

You help is requested! Need some contributions to the Memorial website. Anyone with any photos, memories, poetry, profound thoughts, anectdotes, or anything else you can come up with to add in tribute to our friends on the site, please email to the link below....


Based on recent activity on the board at the clubsite, I feel compelled to express my opinion and concerns here. Thank you, Frances, for your unfailing sense of fairness and objectivity. Seems we were very wise (and very lucky) to have been able to place you on the committee.
Having reread my posting that caused Terri so much distress, I realized that it was understandably misinterpreted. And thank you, Terri, for expressing your reaction to it in such a way that I was given the opportunity to clarify my statements without being flogged by you. You had every right to voice your concerns, and I hope that you find a way to return to the board and continue with your input. (I must add tho, Terri, I have had a message from you posted here in the newsletter to the left of this that has been here for quite awhile, so your input has not gone unnoticed or unacknowledged.) I was in a rush when I posted my response to Frances and was trying to keep it short and sweet....(short! ha! turned out to be a lengthly endeavor!)It was not meant to be an attack on anyone. I will promise to make a very conscious effort to chose my wording more carefully and portray myself as the unbiased and civil person that I am. I realize that my attempts to bring up any and all factors, hopefully representing everyones concerns and opinions may make me seem fickle, but I ask that everyone please take into consideration that what I present here and on the board may or may not be my stand on things. I do realize that as a committee member I have a responsibility to present an unbiased and informed opinion. I will attempt to continue to do so, in spite of the very great possiblities of misinterpretation. I can handle constructive criticism and am more than willing to lick my wounds and learn from the experience without feeling any animosity towards anyone. I also hope that I can always admit when I am wrong and hopefully have the understanding and forgiveness of everyone involved.

Ancient Proverb

I do not wish to monopolize this page with just my opinion, therefore anyone who would like to have their views on any subject publicized please feel free to submit it and have it posted here.

Reunion Plans

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Let's Vote!!!

Roys Voice Mail Service

I operate a telecommunications business and I'd like to offer a service to all Sasebonians that is better than e-mail, and EVERYONE who has access to a phone (home, office, cell, pay phone, etc.) can be a subscriber for FREE. I have already set up a telephonic Sasebonian Community this morning, and all members of this community can now send voice mail messages to one another without incurring any cost; and community members can broadcast one message to everyone in the community without incurring any cost. This telephone technology is so powerful that everyone will eventually find out about it and want to join in because it is absolutely FREE to join.

Concept-wise it's what the e-mail did with the computer--now you can pick up any phone (this is a virtual phone)--home, office, cell, neighbor's, pay phone, etc. and create a voice mail message and send it to another subscriber