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Reunion Committee

It seems that the nominees have been unanimously selected for the reunion committee.

And we are moving right along....

Posted here is the Reunion Committee as nominated and/or volunteered for. Good luck everyone! And thank-you in advance for your involvement!

Sasebonians Reunion Committee 2001

Chairman: Bennett Johnson

Co-Chairman/Co-Treasurer: Frances Shannon

Treasurer: Mary Huggins

Co-Treasurer: Darlene Huggins

Secretary/reporter: Cindy Hathaway

Sub-Committee Chairman: Sue Gile

Researcher: Robert Rohrbacher

Jane Godsoe

To assist you in following #4 in our "codes of conduct" guidelines listed on the right please read the following to help you to use the page update notification features in this newsletter.

To receive an email notifying you of updates on the pages listed herein the newsletter note at the top of every page is a link that says "tell me when this page is updated". Click on it and follow the instructions and you will be notified when changes and additions are made to any page you would like to be kept up to date on.

Reunion plans and basic code of conduct guidelines.

1. Voting on location - Deadline to be extended to August 15th, which should give Rotor and/or Ginger time to post their input from the "Original Kahoks" reunion.

2. Vote using any criteria you want (activities, weather, cost, whatever) and change your mind as many times as you want but whatever is sent by the 15th of August is final.

3. Reunion activities will be determined based on the location. Subcommittees will be formed to plan and coordinate whatever activities we as reunion attendees (not just committee members) choose.

4. Posting of complaints, concerns and suggestions - please keep it civil and direct it to the Newsletter and it will be posted on the "Soap Box Derby" page. Those who are interested in the Reunion should check out the Newsletter for updates - you can get emails notifying you when a specific page has been updated, so you don't have to check it everyday if you don't have the time or inclination.

5. Beginning in mid-August, the Reunion committee will review and address, as a committee, ALL concerns brought to their attention via the Newsletter. In this way, hopefully no one feels ignored.

6. If you have an issue with a specific individual (committee or non-committee member), please email him/her directly. If you do not have his/her email, contact founder Fredo, in his capacity as the founder, he should have access to all member's email addresses. We seem to often read a posting ONCE and react to it with a reply. But if we examine it closely, it may not be as offensive as we originally thought it was and it may simply present another point of view - and that is healthy.

If you have a problem with any of the above, please address the committee or just sound off using the above guidelines. These are "basic" guidelines and subject to alteration and expansion as needed.

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