thaway's daughter, will be 22 on June 20th.

Cindy Hathaway-Dever has a birthday on June 30. Forget it guys, no birthday for me next year! :-)

July happenings!

Happy Birthday to Bobby Patton, Joyce Johnson's hubby, on July 3rd! Hope they give you a birthday cake during your flight, Bobby!

Happy Birthday to Bhey Linner, Deans wife, on July 4th! have a safe and Happy Day!

Melanie Torpey, Mary Huggins' daughter, will be 18 on July 5th.

Cheryl Hathaway-Kuder celebrates her birthday on July 21st.

Brandon, Sue Giles son, will be 16 on the 22nd of July. Watch the roads all! :-)

August announcements

Ginger Holloways birthday is Aug 13! (whew, and its not a Friday!) :-)

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