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More Photos of Us

We had lots more besides a basketball team to take photos of!

Thanks to Roy Chin for these first two photos.

EJK baseball

EJ King Baseball 74~75

Back row (left to right): Asst. Coach, James Skipper, Rick McCue, Mike Tucker, Ben Johnson, Paul Mitchell, Phil Curtis, Charles Huddleston, Steve Crowe, Roy Chin, Mr. McMurray.

Front row: (left to right): Mike Webb, Linza Jones, Steve Dallaire, Jim Childers, David Dallaire, Danny Linner, Robbie McMurray, Mike Chaffin.

Click on either photo to be "warped" to Roy's "Dynasty"!


EJ King Class of 1976

Commencement (March 12, 1976)

Johnny Walker, Nancy Burgess, Jimmy Clark, Ed Farris, Lyle Landry, Jane Carter, Roy Chin

Need some contributions for this page.....How about more class graduation photos....or drill team and cheeleader group photos?