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Kahoks of the 70's

Our basketball team was our pride and joy and held their own in a base-wide intramural setting (Navy and Marines). We also had an annual invitational tournament where American and Japanese schools from all over Japan would participate, along with schools from Guam and Korea. The team and cheerleaders even traveled to Tokyo for a tournament. Those were exciting days.

Recognize anyone?

Joe Z. #45

Keith Zetsch

1973 Kahoks

Front Row: L~R
Eric Gustavson, Pat Hughes, Ed Johnson, Sandra Polsinelli, George Wang

Back Row: L~R
Coack Pallenik, James Skipper, Bennett Johnson, Don Johnson, David Dallaire

Peeking out between Dave and Don is Kent Hathaway when he was 6.

Anyone know who the other two ladies are??

1974 Kahoks

Front Row: L~R
Mike Tucker, Bennett Johnson

Back Row: L~R
Mr. Pallenik, Steve Dallaire, Phil Curtis, Rick Weston, Paul Mitchell, David Dallaire, Steve Crowe, Robbie McMurray, Scott Adams, mgr.

1975 Kahoks

Front Row: L~R
Peanut Keller, Mike Chaffin, Jim McCrimmon, Fred Schumann, Danny Linner, Linza Jones, Rob Zimdar, mgr.

Back Row: L~R
Coach Bowers, Victor Rosier, Mike Webb, Dennis Griffitt, Joe Zuilkoski, Rob McCrimmon, Phil Curtis, Patsy Walker, mgr.

1976 Kahoks

Front row: L~R
Kevin Zetsch, Lee Williams, Betsy Benson

Back row: L~R
Joyce Johnson(mgr), Glenn Reed, Kurt Zetsch, Tim Laman, Chuck Smith, Keith Zetsch, Coach Bowers.

Phil Curtis #25 and Danny Linner #13

Higher, Phil! Higher!

Kurt Zetsch

Thank you, Johnny Walker, for your photo contributions!
Thanks to you as well, Joyce Johnson for the 76 photos.