Here are the details on the Geezer reunion in Las Vegas: The official dates are July 30, 31 and Aug.1, (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday) although some folks are coming early. The reunion hotel is the Golden Nugget. We have a special reunion price of $44 a night double occupancy for the reunion dates and the two days following the reunion (Wed. & Thurs.). The regular weekend (Fri. - Sat.) rates are higher - I think about double our special rate. (Which of course is why we choose Sunday through Tuesday!) Anyway, to make reservations just call the hotel at 1-800-634-3454 and say you're part of the Sasebo reunion.
To really be a part of the reunion however, you should also register. Registration costs $45 per person. We have reserved a hospitality suite capable of holding 125 people for all day Monday. From 7:00 to 10:00 AM we'll have a full breakfast buffet that includes scrambled eggs, bacon, ham sausage, fried potatoes, french toast, cinnamon buns & assorted Danish pastries, muffins, fresh fruit, assorted cereals, fruit juice, coffee, tea, etc. etc. At 5:00 that evening there will be a catered reception with a no host bar. After that everyone will be on their own to enjoy whatever nightlife they prefer in Las Vegas. Your registration fee represents a per capita portion of the hospitality room, the food and other registration expenses, like name tags, etc.
The main purpose of the hospitality suite is just for visiting and reminiscing. Everyone will be bringing year books, photo albums, old love letters and other embarrassing and incriminating evidence, so we're looking forward to a good time. These are mostly folks who were at E.J. King H.S. from the mid to late 50's, (I was there in '56, '57 & '58), but everyone is welcome! We would surely enjoy meeting some of you folks who were there to carry on the traditions, or add new ones, long after we were gone.
Just another thought; I live in San Diego and have lived here most of my life - over 50 years! - and I love it!! But it's certainly not the cheapest place to visit. One of the reasons we chose Las Vegas for our reunion was the low cost for hotel rooms, not to mention food, hospitality rooms, etc. (Seven of the eight largest hotels in the world are on the strip!) And although there is no ocean, there certainly is no shortage of entertainment options - for both adults and kids. It's also easy to get to from anywhere in the country. Just something to keep in mind if costs in San Diego start to get overwhelming.

Before I forget, registrations should be mailed to John Gordon at 25372 Pike Road, Laguna Hills CA 92653-5063. His phone number is 949-458-2967. (Tell him Doug sent you!) John is the treasurer for the reunion. We didn't set up any special bank accounts, so checks should be made payable to John. Be sure to include the names of everyone in your party and the years that you were at EJK.

I hope we will have the chance to meet some of you in Las Vegas.

All The Best,

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