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Sasebonians Newsletter
Vegas Reunion 2000

"When we were all together in Sasebo, we relied upon one another to make the very most of the limited time we had together. As a result, a lifelong affection and bond were created. To an outsider, that "special feeling", that lives in each of us today, is difficult, if not impossible, to explain or understand. "You just had to be there!"

Quoted from "the First Ever Sasebo Reunion"


The "First ever Sasebo Reunion" was a success!

original cheerleaders

The "Original Kahoks Cheerleaders" strut their stuff! They've still got what it takes!

original cheerleaders

You guys missed out!!! The Vegas reunion was Terrific!!! The "Geezers" are a blast! The Golden Nugget was beautiful! And I came home a Winner! I can't remember when I had so much fun and sooooo little sleep. It was so good to see Rotor and Roy again and guess what? Neither have changed a bit. The Geezers... my, my they are another story! They are sooooo funny... but the stories they told... weren't much different then the one we have... except maybe the hair styles and dress were different...
Roy's wife, Lillian, was a true sport and so sweet. Roy, Rotor and I stayed up late every night into the wee hours. The first day I was up 26 hours before I finally told Roy and Rotor to get out of my room! lol! Got about 4 hours sleep, then got up and started again. Went to the breakfast with the "geezers", hospitality time, then later the reception time. We were ROTFLOAO all night long!!! Stories about "falsies" and "zippers" (you just had to be there!)Then after Roy went to his "business meeting" we met up with him again and Roy, Rotor and I went to give Vegas some more of our but... Kaching! I fool em.. wasnt big but... I did come home with more then I went with!! Roter had this look on his face,(priceless) I ask him was was wrong?? He was dancing around... you just won 300.00! I said did not! but low and behold my machine was going nuts! I had told both the guys that all I wanted was to hear the coins go "klunk klunk" in the tray for a long time and to pay my M&M bill. Hot damn! I did that and then some! The guys convinced be to "take the money and run!" which I did, so we then went to try and win Rotor some... ha... didnt happen but sure had a fun time losing it for him...all of our techniques were getting very interesting! (had to be there)An other late night into the morning. I got home finally Tuesday night at 10:00 pm with maybe a total of 6 hours of sleep in 3 days... amazing! Hadn't done that in a few years! lol! In short, the whole time was great and I'm pumped about ours next year!!catch you all later! Toodles, Ginger


Rotor, Ginger and Roy

This reunion was the bomb...It will go down as another great Sasebo memory..These people are great and made us feel right at home from the very would of thought we were there with them..
Sunday night Ginger, Roy and his wife Lilian and myself had dinner at a Japanese resterant at Caesars Palace...go figure..great food and company..did alot of catching up..looked at yearbooks and pictures to the early morning hour...until Ginger gave us the boot..she'd been up forever..
The next morning we met for the breakfast meeting, the room was nice, decorated in purple and white, tables with yearbooks, pictures and other items from the past..They filed in one by one and greeted each other for the first time in forty years...the looks on there faces were priceless....We became one of the group right away, many wanting to know things from our time...
Breakfast was good and the stories were great..this broke up at 10:00 , we had till 1:00 to do a little running around..Went with Ginger to M&M world and watched the girl go a kid in a candy store, the girl is addicted, she's got it bad....
Back to the reunion...the 2nd part of the reunion was better .. everyone had loosed up and the party was by one they would step up to the microphone and tell one of there favorite memories, this was an assignment given to them at the breakfast..the stories had us falling out of our chairs...and the zipper one..
They showed a video made up of some 8mm film and how things have changed in downtown Sasebo...they also had some shots from a couple of years ago...
The cheerleaders got up and did a couple of cheers and the crowd went wild...they still remembered after all those were taken...first the geezer group then Ginger, Roy and Myself,which ended up with us doing a very bad can-can while singing.."Do a little dance, Make a little love, Get down tonight." Boy that Roy can sing...
We ended up in the lounge with a large group of them and this went on until the 3 of us decide to hit the strip and regain lost money...Ginger was the first to complete this mission.. she hit a jackpot. I'm jumping up and down " Yeah, Yeah" and she's looking at me like I'm idea she to regain my losses...we tried for hours ,each using or own technique, Roy rolling the coin 3 times towards him then a forceful push into the slot and then a one fingered soft touch on the bottom right hand corner of the button...Ginger, rubbing the coin between her hands ,a gentle drop into the slot then a mighty slap on the button..Myself preferred chanting eenie meenie chili beany while hopping on one foot and spinning around..but once again Vegas is the winner..

This reunion was great, the time planned was enough and also gave people time to hang with there own little groups, just like before...also those who brought spouses , no problem , had things to do when they got tired of the war stories...

It cost me $160.00 for air and hotel, with which we also got a $50.00 food and drink credit..$45.00 for registration what I spend or gave to the casinos...It has everything we need...low hotel rates for great rooms, good food and great entertainment...John Gordon who was the ring leader said he would be more than happy to give us any information that he has... They had to put down a $250.00 deposit and book 20 rooms...the banquet room was free for the booking of the 2 catered events...they booked well over 20 rooms and he said that the Golden Nugget bent over backwards making sure this went well...Rotor

Hello Sasebonians! It's Thursday morning. My wife Bev and I got back from Las Vegas late Wednesday night. Glad to read all the nice comments from the Sasebonians who attended. It truly was a memorable event. Fantastic to see so many old friends, including a few former faculty members! After more than 40 years, the bonds are still strong!
I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Roy and Lillian Chen (a delightful young couple! - sorry I did not get the opportunity to meet Rotor or Ginger), and was very pleased to be extended an invitation to attend the Sasebonians reunion next summer. I think there will be a number of us from the "older generation" who will take you up on your invitation. Interest was high among the people I talked to. We'll keep an eye on the club news to see how your plans develop.
One thought to keep in mind is that there is "strength in numbers"! Which is to say, the larger the group you can put together, the more concessions you can wring out of the host site. It might make sense in the future to consider joint reunions, if for no other reason than to pump up the numbers - but especially because even though there may be a slight "generation gap", we're still all Kahoks!!
The Geezers figured Las Vegas was a good choice for this type of event. "Overhead", e.g. food and lodging, are very reasonable, and transportation is available from almost anywhere, and can usually be obtained at discount prices if you book early. All of which tends to make it easy on the budget - as long as you can avoid the temptation of the gaming tables!
Anyway, glad that those of you who made it had an enjoyable time.
Doug Smay


I too attended the Geezers Reunion in Vegas and it was so much fun. Rotor and Ginger talked me in to joining your club. I agree with what Doug said regarding the more the better at a reunion. I attend Overseas Brats gatherings where we have former students from the 1950's into the 1990's and it works great. The years attended don't really matter since we all have a common bond, our former school.
Jo Wilson Emerson (bratgal_2000)

As one of the geezers, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the Golden Nugget. The rooms were nice, the food was good and being off the strip is not all that bad. Since Rotor, Ginger and Roy extended an invitation to us, you may find us at your reunion next year.

The cost was minimal compared to some cities and the real purpose is to get together again and renew old friendships and create new memories. But don't let anyone tell you that it's not that hot in Las Vegas because it is dry heat! It was hot, but who needs to go outside? Jo (bratgal_2000)


Would love to post some photos here from the Vegas Reunion! Email them to the link below....can post jpeg, jpg, and gif formats.

Reunion 2000 photos

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The Golden Nugget

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