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Sasebonians Newsletter
Sasebo~Then and Now

Here is a photo essay of Sasebo...

Sasebo at night.

Sasebo at night


Sasebo somewhere

The Arcade!


The Catholic Church




Okunchi Festival

okunchi festival


EJ King courtyard

little league field

Sasebo Sunset


Sasebo by air


Spectacles Bridge

Spectacles Bridge


Sakai Bridge.

Sakai Bridge

Hirado Castle 1999

Hirado Castle

Dragon Vale Housing


Showboat Theatre




little league field

A lot of the buildings from the 60's and 70's eras are long gone and replaced with others.

As to the Protestant Chapel on the hill in Nimitz Park: The site is now just a big grassy field with a small stage on the side. (The Catholic Chapel down by the Admin Building is still there - the only quanset hut left on the base - and is the Base Chapel serving all faiths.)

Where the Base Commander's house was is also just an open field between the path and the river. Where the old CP Building was now stands a 4 story parking lot for Sogo Hospital which now sits, all 10 stories of it, on the old playground area. The ball fields of Nimitz Park is all that the US Navy still has control over. The pool has been replaced by an office building of the Japanese Navy and there is a small JN Hospital where the commissary and bowling alley used to be.

The Town Club has been torn down and replaced with a 6 or 7 story Naval Museum. They did move the Tower portion of the building forward a bit, it seems, but the rest of the building as you all knew it is gone.

Thanks to Mr. Wendell Johnson (who has outlasted every teacher and principal EXCEPT Bob Kendziorski, and is STILL at King School.) on filling us in on the lost landmarks from decades past!

It's fun reading all the posting reminiscing the Sasebo of old. Just a quick update on what it's like today. . .
The CP building is gone, it was torn down and a Japanese Hospital (Sogo Byoin) was built in it's place - not right on the corner but set back a ways). The old Showboat theatre is still standing, but I'm not sure if it's being rennovated or what. Don't know the exact status of Nimitz park (who owns it) but the fields are used jointly by the US and Japan Self Defense Force. The old town club is now a high rise Japanese naval museum.

The old anchor club by fleet landings is now a food court (they even have Baskin and Robbins), there's a McDonald's on base and one downtown in the arcade.

When I was in the Post Office (right inside the main gate - the old one is now the Mini-mart), there was a sign that said something like this "This is a full service base, families live and work here, please refrain from using inappropriate language and gestures." I guess political correctness and sensitivity training has reached Sasebo too.