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Sasebonians Newsletter
Mini Reunions

Some Sasebonians have managed to get together with each other over the years. Here are a few photos of these get-togethers! If anyone out there has any photos of any reunions with any of us at any time, please share them with us!

reunion 1990

Richard Keller, Terri Childers, Joyce Johnson, Darlene Huggins, Keith Zetsch, Joe Zuilkoski, Karen Huggins, Kevin Zetsch got together in 1990 in Southern California.

Linza Jones, Charlie Huddleston, Rick McCue, and Joe Zuilkoski-WIlliams got together in Texas over the week of November 1, 2000, for a little fishing trip. No photos yet to back up the reports of the "Big Ones" they caught!

reunion 1979

Rob, Rotor, Mariko, Charles, Darlene, Joe, Phil and Larry were a group that got together in California in 1979.