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Sasebonians Newsletter
Members List

We have done it! We have welcomed in 100 members to the Sasebonians.

updated March 21, 2001 at 9:30 pm.

Welcome New Members!

We have had so many new members join us in the past couple of weeks. I am going to try to get everyone included on here, but if I should by chance omit someone, please don't hesitate to holler at me at or post a message on the board of Sasebonians if you want to hassle me in public!

Hello to Chris Gypin! Another class of '76er! Chris is a married firefighter living in Sullivans Island, SC. Here is what he has to say about the past 25 years or so!
I was in Sasebo from 69-70. I was also born in Sasebo at the Naval Hospital in 1958 so returning there was like going back to my hometown. My mother was Japanese, so we spent a lot of time seeing her old friends and roaming around the countryside. We were scheduled to stay longer but my father's ship was re-homeported to San Diego when the Vietnam War started to shut down. Looking back at my annual, I recognize Hiroyuki Chin and Jane Godsoe from my sixth grade class. From Sasebo, my family went to San Diego and then on to Charleston SC where my father retired. We ended up in Columbia, SC where I graduated from Irmo HS. I attended USC, had a tour in the Navy, and finished college at the Univ of North Fl in Jacksonville. I have recently remarried and have 4 children 11-15. After spending too long on corporate mainframes, I have semi-retired and am currently a fireman on Sullivans Island. During my spare time, I work on this old house and try to fish as often as the ocean allows. Hope all is well with everyone and look forward to checking in from time to time. Chris

Welcome to James Knauss who joined us on March 13. He is 24 years old and lives in Seattle, Washington.

A warm welcome to Ann Miller.....Hello to all. My name is Ann Miller, and I lived in Sasebo from 1962 to 1965(age 12 to 15), attending EJ King High School. I lived 2 years in a private rental in Ori-hashi-cho and 1 year in naval housing in Dragon Heights. I am living in MA having moved there from CA in 1980. My sister, Marcy, and brother, Chris, still live in CA. I have a son, Liam who will be 17(yikes) in June. I work as an RN in a small community hospital. I'm impressed with how many of you have kept in contact. There are a few characters from my Sasebo days with whom I have been in contact, most notably Barbara Fargo. Let me know if there are others of you lurking out there. I would love to connect.

Welcome to two of the Horton sisters! Linda and Yvonne have joined us from Pennsylvania. (Where is Marlene!?) Linda is married and very excited about finding old classmates and Yvonne is married and a Maryland state travel counselor.

Get up to date on Linda's life at her homepage at

We have another Huggins member! With the addition of Georgia Huggins-Landis we have completed the membership of another set of siblings.

Hello to Jean Howard, who through the detailed description by Tim Huggins we have learned her Sasebo we eagerly await an update!

Let me butt in here as I can tell you about Jean, otherwise we may never know. First of all let me holler a huge "WELCOME" to you Jean. In '61, along with Bud Mertz, you were voted 'Most Cooperative, you were a member of the Junior Red Cross, you were voted Basketball Queen, & you were a member of the girls basketball team called 'Champ's Champs. In '62 you were president of the senior class for the Spring, you were Student Council president for the spring and secretary for the fall, a member of the Junior Red Cross, member of both the Ryusan Staff and King's Herald Staff, and a member of the Teen Club's basketball team called the Red Streaks. But why all the fuss? . . Because in this little 5th grader's eyes in '62 you were a "knockout". You may be aware, that quite a number of Kingers from your era are parked on . So good to have you here! If I hadn't have bragged about you, none of us would have probably heard, "the rest of the story."--Tim

A Very warm welcome to another faculty member from EJ King, Mr. Nancy McKinnon-Lamontagne! She taught at King from 1969-1971 and from 1972-1976.
I have been married to Richard Lamontagne since May 6,1978. Richard is Vicar of St. Raphael's Episcopal Church in Oakhurst, CA, near Yosemite. We have been here 4 years. We plan to retire here. During Y2K I had breast cancer, went through a mastectomy, chemo, and radiation.
Whatever happened to all the kids I taught. Jane Godsoe, Junco, the Moore boys, men now. I taught at EJK from 1969-71 and 72-76. I am so happy to see the pictures. I have continued to write Wendell Johnson & family, also Gwen Lockwood-Kull all these years. Wendell described how the place had changed, but pictures say it all better. Thanks Tim.I have Sasebonians on my favorites list and will be checking in occasionally. My e-mail is
God bless, Nancy Lamontagne

Welcome to Rick Spalenka who is married and living in Colorado. Rick is interested in Indian War Reenactments and horses.


Welcome to rmdecena...sorry didn't come across your name but here is your info!
Thanks for the welcome. =) I was in Sasebo from 1992 - 1994. After graduation, I spent about 1 1/2 years at the U of Maryland, before moving up to Yokosuka. From Yokosuka, I moved back to CA, where I attended college. I'm currently living in Palo Alto, CA and working doing technical support in the Silicon Valley. No kids, no pets, no significant other. =)

Hello to Cindy Brux-Cofield. She was in Sasebo from 1967 until she graduated from EK King in 1969.
I currently live in SW Fort Worth, TX---right next door to my mother who was the secretary at EJ King 68-70, Elizabeth (Bettie Jack). I am Maintenance Planning Supervisor for American Eagle Airlines (own by AMR, the same parent company as American Airlines). My husband is a pilot with the same company and is currently "typed" on the EMB145 aircraft (regional jet). We have 1 adopted daughter (our niece -- both of her parents are deceased).

Welcome to Al Bryant who was in Sasebo from 1965-1969. He is an architect living in Seattle. Wa.

Welcome to Robert "Buzz" Standridge who is married and living in Tiki Island, Texas. He is married and a client relations manager.

Welcome to Frank Abernathy, who went by Lee, his middle name, while in Japan. As he says, "it was easy to write in katakana and easy for my Japanese friends to pronounce :^) Actually my mom and the rest of the family have a hard time calling me Frank, which I went to when I joined the Navy in 1971. Have been back to Sasebo, since I left in 1970, in 1979, 1988 with my wife, Jean, and 1996 to be Nakoodo at a Japanese wedding in the KKR Hotel in Tokyo,

Abernathy wedding

one of the biggest honors in my life! Am quite pleased to have found some of the old folks from those enjoyable days in my life! Take Care! Lee (Frank)
Frank lives in Austin, Texas, is 48 years old and married. He is a Manager in computer servicing in Austin.


Tim Huggins joins us from Kinkai, Japan. He is a pastor and married with 2 children. Tim has become a major contributor to activities on the yahoo site. Thank you for stepping things up a bit, Tim!


Welcome to Christi Huggins who join us from Portland, Oregon.

And here is the last official new member of the year 2000....Welcome to Yvette Virden-Parsons! She joined us on Dec 29th! Here is her story......
After graduation, I attended Ohio Wesleyan University, where I met my husband of 23 years, Rick. We've lived in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and now back in N.C. Our oldest son, Jay, is a freshman at the University of Maryland. Charly, 16, is a high school sophomore; and Elizabeth, 9, is a fourth grader.
With my B.A. in psychology and social work, I worked in hospital administration for several years before becoming a full-time mom. I plan to return to social service one day when my children are older.
I hope to be able to see y'all again in July. As you can tell from my drawl (noticable even online), I enjoy life in the South.

The third Dallaire has joined us! Welcome David! Here is his coverage of the last 25 years or so!
I live near Clairmont in a small place called Bay Ho. Close to the Price Club on Morena Blvd.
I live in San Diego, and I have been here since 1983. I am a Supervisor with the U.S. Marshals service. My job involves being on the national SWAT team, so I travel a lot. I am single, never married, but I have tried!
I gave up my ho days a long time ago! Now I am the U.S. Marshal and I hunt people running from the law! I have been a Deputy U.S. Marshal since 1985, and I was recently promoted to Supervisor. I am on a national SWAT team so I travel a lot. Do the words Waco and Ruby Ridge ring a bell? I was there both times.

Karen Dallaire has joined us as member #100! Only one Dallaire left to join us! Where are you David!?

Nancy Palmer has joined us as member #99. She is living in Bellingham, Wa. and is married with three children, 15, 9, and 6. She works in the Bellingham school distirct. Welcome Nancy!

Welcome to Steve Dallaire who joined us just in time to celebrate the holidays with us and bring in new year! The following is what Steve has filled us in on his life over the past 25 years or so!
I was married in 1978 to a wonderful women I met in College. I joined the Navy a month later and began flight training in Pensacola, Fl. Spent 21 years in the Navy flying jets from the flight decks of aircraft carriers around the world to eventually command an FA-18 squadron onboard the USS John F. Kennedy. I retired in December 1999 and now working for American Airlines flying the MD-80 out of Washington DC. I never thought being an airline pilot was going to be fun, but I am having the time of my life. I wish I would have done it years ago. My wife Stephanie and I have three children, Kevin (14), Brian (10) and Abby (4).

Here is a list of the present members of our club, Sasebonians, in Yahoo. There are names on the roster that whose identities are unknown at this time. For those of you unknown entities that would like to be listed here please update you profiles and we will will gladly add you.

*note: Some Yahoo members have not activated their Yahoo addresses to recieve emails. The Yahoo names can be used on the Instant messenger program to contact members.

Frank Abernathy:,

Jim Allen:

William Archer:,

Susan Barbee:,

Barbara Blowers:

Larry Brining:,

Cindy Brux-Cofield:

Al Bryant:

Patricia Buice:,

Jane Carter-Bentley:,

Patricia Carter-Hoover:

Gary Chaffin:,

Roy Chin:,

Frank Childers:,

Arlene Coe-Garner:

Steve Crowe:

David Dallaire:

Steve Dallaire:,

Karen Dallaire:

Joey Disque:,

Jan Dunn-Austin:,

Cindy Easley-LaVigne:,

Ed Farris-Nagatome:,

Kathleen Fletcher-Standridge:

Carla Foster: carla_foster2000

Yvette Foster-Brown:

Susan Gile:,

Jane Godsoe-Weiner:,

Manuel Gonzales: gonzo57_2000

Sue Graves-Richter:,

Chris Gypin:

Elaine Hackett:

Teresa Hackett:

Sonya Hasal-Koster:

Cindy Hathaway-Dever:,,

Cheryl Hathaway-Kuder:,

Brenda Holloway- dePriest:,

Ginger Holloway-Lyons:,

Linda Horton-Howsare:,

Yvonne Horton-Shipley:

Jean Howard:

Charles Huddleston:,

Christi Huggins:

Goergia Huggins-Landis:

Darlene Huggins-Neher:,

Mary Huggins-Torpey:,

Tim Huggins:,

Earle Irwin:

Bennett Johnson:

Joyce Johnson-Patton:

Matt Johnson:

Sharron Johnson-Minchella:,

Wendell Johnson:

Linza Jones:,

Barbara Jordan:,

Lynda Klorig-Kuhn:


James Knauss:,

Dawn Kyle-Hardy:

Judy L:

Mark LaRoux:

Barbara Linner:

Dean Linner:,

Debbie Linner-Haire-

Angel McCollum-Tessier:

Richard McCue:,

Frances McFarland-Yamaguchi:,

Nancy McKinnon-Lamontagne: nancymckinnon93644,

Rob McMurray:,

Jun Medina-Stewart:

Ann Miller:

George Moore:

Donald Moore:,

Paul Moore:,

Marian Muszynski-Costlow:,

Nancy Palmer-Dixon:,

Joanna Reaves:,

Susan Robinson-Holman:,

Robert Rohrbacher:,

Jack San Filippo:

Frances Shannon:

Rick Spalenka:,

Fred Schumann:

MaryAnn Schumann:,

Doug Smay:,

Sandy and Phil Smith:

Robert "Buzz" Standridge:

Pat Thomas-Wagner:,

Stephanie Thomas-Heflin:,

Barbara Tucker:,

Yvette Virden-Parsons:

Johnny Walker:,

Linda Walker:,

Patsy Walker-Stocks:

Jo Wilson-Emerson:,

Keith Zetsch:,


Here are a few links to some great free electronic greeting card sites if anyone would like to send a greeting.



Love This Site


electronic postcards



A warm welcome to Carla Fosters sister, Yvette Brown.

Hello to Carla Foster, who joined us over the weekend. She is divorced and living in Baltimore, Md. and working in Group Operations Administration! I vividy remember a photo in one of the yearbooks of Carla sneaking out of the BOYS bathroom! Welcome to the club, Carla....very glad to have you here!

I'm so glad to have found the website and my old friends!!! I now live in Baltimore, Maryland with my 20 year old daughter, adorable standard poodle and my sweetheart. As some of you will remember, we returned to the U.S. because my father was ill and he passed away a month after we arrived here. I had to get used to life as a teenager in the U.S. fast and had my cousins to help me. Our second night here, they took me to a concert and we still laugh about my reaction today because I had never been to a concert before. I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1977 and went to the University of Maryland for a year. I transferred to Catonsville Community College, graduated and had my daughter in 1980. My mother passed away in 1987, so it's just my sister, Yvette and I. I attempted to go back to school on and off and finally received my B.S. in May 1999. I am currently attending graduate school part-time majoring in Health Care Administration. I also work at Union Labor Life Insurance Company in Washington, D.C. as the Group Operations Administrator. I am definitely looking forward to the reunion in Las Vegas in 2001!! Hope to see everyone there. Carla Foster

Carla Foster

And we are growing Moore and more!

moore brothers

George, Paul and Donald Moore

Donald and Paul Moore joined us over the weekend of September 15~17. Waiting to hear more about Donald, but Paul is married and living in Sacramento, California!


Donald and Melinda Moore

Donald B. Moore is married and living in Davis, California with his wife Melinda and 16 year old daughter, Dominique. Donald is a college administrator.

Paul Moore

Paul Moore

George Moore has joined us! A warm welcome to you! He lived in Sasebo from 1965~1972. George has posted a history of his life since 1972.....
Quick overview of life after Sasebo: After Sasebo went to college (annapolis, md) and became a pilot in the Navy for 11 years. Married a great lady, who also incidentally lived in Yokohama during her youth. We lived in Hawaii (Makakilo) for 5 years, moved to Monterey, CA for Japanese language school (yes, Mr. Tomanaga's classes help me validate some classes), Went to Japan on an assignment with the Japanese Self-Defense Force (Attended their equivalent of our War College). Taught the Japanese Officer how to swear like real sailors and drink Kirin Ichiban beer. :) Reassigned to Boston,MA where I was in charge of Navy Recruiting and our own military T-34 to fly candidates around in. Got out, went to business school. Worked for Prudential Investment Corp, started a technology company, did mergers and acqusitions for a Paul Allen company (ex-Microsoft founder), ran a Materials Management company (That' when I brought Jim Allen in to help)and now starting an Internet company (Geno Finely is helping). That's about it. I have a great family, 3 daughters, Seychelle (16), Jennifer (13) and Victoria (10) and Susan. Susan and I met thru Albert Paulino and have been happily married for 22 years. We live in Denver,CO about 3 miles from Jim Allen and his great family. Hope this isnt too verbose, sorry.....Left Sasebo in 1972, lots of years to cover! George

Hello to Jim Allen, 47 years old and living in Denver, Colorado, a few short miles from George Moore! Jim is married and in telecommunications. Looking forward to hearing from you and filling us in about yourself and your family!

Hello Manuel Gonzales! Manuel is 42 and single, living in Dallas, Texas! He is working for Raytheon....somrthing to do with infrared devices! Tell us more, Manuel!

A Warm Welcome to new members who were the "original" Kahoks in the late 50's early 60's. Dig out your yearbooks and send us some photos to add here! (please!)

Pat Thomas-Wagner joined us on Aug. 2, 2000. Pat's member name is trishidi. She is one of the original KaHoks Cheerleaders. Pat now resides in Greenville, SC and is an Administrative Assistant. Pats "words of wisdom" are "never lose track of old friends and always make time for fun!"

Another original Kahok member that joined us on Aug. 3rd is Jo Wilson-Emerson who lives in Minnesota and goes by the name of bratgal_2000.

On Aug. 6, 2000, Stephanie Thomas-Heflin joined us as hrsta4. She is 51 years old, lives in Sterling, Ill. and is a self-employed hair styist.

Dawn Kyle-Hardy joined us on Aug 11, 2000 as d_hardy_31707. She lives in Georgia and is looking for classmates from 59~62.

Hello to trisharene, Patricia Buice of Corning, NY. Patricia is 45 and in the healthcare field in public relations.

Sonya Hasal-Koster joined us on July 13, 2000 as slhasal. She is living in Truckee, Ca. and is a domestic engineer and secretary. Sonya is expecting her second child in about four weeks (around Sept. 7?) Congratulations Kosters! Looking forward to your birth announcement!

Hello to Sue Graves, who with her brother Tom lived in Sasebo during the late 60's and early 70's. She started school at EJ King and her brother graduated from there. She is married and residing in Florida and has made some very interesting postings on the board of Sasebonians which has jogged many of our memories of living in Sasebo. Thanks for the memories, Sue! Keep bringing them up!

Welcome to Ed Farris who joined the Sasebonians on June 26th. He has had a very busy and exciting life these past twenty years or so....I'll let him explain in his own words!
YES. The rumor is true. I do work for THEM! Ed Farris' cut his hair and joined the authoritarian regime. I've been with the forensic services section of the Kern County Sheriff's Department for some time now. That's one county North of LA County. I used to work in LA, but just didn't care much for the traffic jam. I am not a sworn cop though. I am what they all a civilian specialist in the lab... known as "Technical Investigators or TI." Actually, I am wearing three hats here. I'm with the crime scene unit (for homicide, clandestine drug lab, etc.), the computer forensic lab. (for data recovery of deleted/encrypted files from reformatted hard drive and such...but sometimes we play cyber-cop and actually chase the suspects in the cyberspace back to the originating ISP. That cyber car chase stuff is actually pretty fun!) Finally, I also teach at the Police Academy through the local Junior College. On the personal note I've been happily married for some time now. Vicky, who I met in college and I am blessed with two wonderful boys... Andy 12, and Jarrett 6. Now that I know about the Sasebonian club, I'll keep in touch.
Sore de wa matta.
BTW, I changed my last name from Farris to Farris-Nagatome. It seemed to define myself better. My kids are just Farris.
Eddie Farris-Nagatome


Welcome to Dean Linner, who joined us on June 19. Dean is residing in Alabama with his wife of 24 years, Bhey (BAY) who hails from the Phillipines. They have two sons, Dennis and Daren who are 22 and 20. They also have an adorable granddaughter, Dejia who is 1 1/2. After closing his maintenance shop in Virginia Beach, Va. they moved to Alabama where Dean is in aircraft maintenance. Dean was stationed in Japan with the Navy for 14 years.

One of our "silent" majority has come to life! We had a chat with Linza Jones Wed. evening and here is a little of what his life is all about now!
Linza resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife of 12 years, Wendy and two children, Amanda and Trey. (Trey is the third generation of "Linza"!) Linza is a sales rep for BC/BS and does a bit of traveling.

Linza and Wendy

Linza and wife, Wendy on vacation in April, 2000.

And now, Steve Crowe has joined our ranks by registering thanks to Mary Huggins' pc! Steve is a conductor for Union Pacific Railroad and resides near Mira Loma, Ca. He is married and has 5 children ranging in age from 2 to 23. Steve is also the proud grandfather of a two year old boy. Glad to have you back with us, Steve.


Steve and Beth Crowe 1992

Mr. Wendell Johnson has joined us recently. He is STILL living in Sasebo! "Our Old Art Teacher" is going strong and keeping up with the times! He is teaching Visual Basic Computer Programming in the Distance Learning Center, a new department of DoDDS. He has 57 students in 21 schools all around the world!
He has a trip to San Diego planned from June 29 ~ July 20 this year! (right dates, wrong year, Mr J!) So maybe some of you "natives" can arrange a gettogether!