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Sasebonians Newsletter
The History of the Kahoks

KaHoks in 1957

In 1957, a man named Ed Layher, a sailor stationed in Sasebo, took over as coach of the basketball team. Prior to that there was a basketball team, but as far as I know it did not have a name or official colors - or uniforms for that matter. Ed Layher had been a high school basketball player himself at Collinsville High School in Illinois, and he suggested we use the same name and school colors as his former high school. And that's how the name KaHoks and the purple and white colors and indian chief logo came about. They had bake sales, dances, raffles, etc. etc. to raise money for the first uniforms. They were really something! Purple and white satin with complete warm-up pants and jacket and everything. They were the cats meow! Actually they weren't too bad as a team. They were better than 50-50 against the local Japanese high schools, and we even beat a couple of the local navy teams.


Collinsville High School is located in Collinsville, Illinois and still claim the colors purple and white and the name Kahoks. The links below will take you to sites about the Kahoks of today or click on the Kahoks logo to go to their school website.

Kahoks Volleyball

Kahoks Softball

original Kahoks

Original Kahoks 1957

kahoks reunion

Four of the starting five from 1957

Hal Amerau, Dick Cedarstaff, Doug Smay, Earle Irwin
Homecoming 99

Hey! The cheerleaders were a part of the KaHok team as well! Lets see some photos of you gals in action! And dig around and see if you have any games shots we can post here as well! Email to the link below!

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