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Decades of EJ King School

1974 was a year of bonding. The drama club and chorus combined to show their talents in the productions of the plays "Springtime for Dan" and "Christmas for Mr. Potts". The Interact club offered their services to the community in an effort to form a bond between races and to develop international friendship. The Kahoks took first place in the 11th annual Invitational Basketball Tournament. The student council elections and campaigns were an early highlight of the year. See these and many more activities on this page.


Good-byes are always hard
When it's forever.

But you must live your life
from day to day
And take everything as it comes.

So you fly away on your silver wings
To a distant land that you've
never seen before.......

You land
and you feel
the pain

Of loneliness.....

You walk into the foreign land
and meet people.

People of different
and creeds.

You learn the meaning of living
and loving

Without predjudice or fear......

But then comes a day

when the silver wings begin
calling again
to take you away
from all that you cherish,
to plunge you into the place
you have now learned to fear.

You cry and then you realize

That what you have now
is what you have always wanted
and what you wish the world was.

But you must live your life

from day to day

and take everything as it comes....

You climb aborad your silver wings
and fly away
with your heart full of tears.

Yes, you lived a part of your life
without fear but with
peace and love....

And now you must leave.

You realize that this is what people
are searching for all over the world.
You found it through an act that you
were fearful to make.

Yes, this is how you want your life
to remain.....
without fear,
with love, peace and friendship.

Adams, Scott
Arnold, Terri
Bristle, Junko
Coit, Frank
Dallaire, Steve
Davis, Brenda
Johnson, Candy(Phelps)
Mays, Pat
McClosky, Dianne
Reynolds, Kerry
Shulte, Rick
SHEN, LONG (Deceased)
Wheat, Bobby

FACULTY 1973-74
Anderson, Carl - English, Spanish, 10th grade sponsor
Chung, G. (Ms) - Assistant Principal
Eads, William - Music, 11th grade sponsor (deceased)
Furukawa, C. (Ms.) - Secretary
Johnson, Donna - Home Ec.
JOHNSON, WENDELL - Art, 8th grade sponsor
Jones, A (Ms.) - Social Studies, 7th grade sponsor
Kent, M. (Ms.) - Math
Lantz, Mildred - Library
Leigh, D. (Mr) - Counselor
Marse, Emil - Principal (deceased)
Mitchell, Jine - Secretary (deceased)
McKinnon, Nancy - Business Ed.
Means, Linda - Social Studies
Means, Gerald -Science
Morris, S.- Reading
Pallenik, D - P.E., Science
Polsinelli, Sandy - English, Senior class sponsor
Rutherford, C. (Ms) - English, 9th grade sponsor
Shimoda, Masahito - P.E.
Portaria, Adolphe - Ad. Asst.
Talao, F. (Ms) - Nurse
Tominaga, Shigeru - Japanese

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Now the silver wings are calling
for us to leave again....
to find a new horizon

For the sun to set upon.
We will rise to find a new life.
Now the time
has come
to leave.